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Halfway between infographics and comics, the below visual reporting works are all drawn live, during events, talks, conferences and summits. They can be done digitally or through traditional media. Enjoy the read!

"Sophie Ong is a young French illustrator originally from Lyon who has come to specialize in live illustration for events. Having undertaken periods of international experience working around the world in Shanghai and the US, she is increasingly in demand as both a live illustrator and also as graphic reporter for events. Her aesthetic styles range from playful comics through to colourful book and album cover illustration through to graphic recording, always with a youthful and energetic style."

Visual Sketchnotes

A tutorial to better visual notetaking.


Digital New York

Which innovative ideas are being used to make the everyday life of all New Yorker's more livable, safer and convenient?


Ernst&Young (EN)

EY's innovation center wavespace is my part-time home. I focus on Graphic Recording and facilitation. Here are some samples of my work in English. [click on image]



A space for women entrepreneurs across Europe and Central Asia to connect, create and accelerate business ideas and growth amid COVID-19.


Better Cotton Initiative

Fashion is the 2nd polluting industry, and cotton is a major actor in it. BCI 's 2019 Global Sustainable Conference looks at it from close and far. [click on image]

Better Cotton Initiative zovi

The Future Of Food

Forum for the Future is a leading international sustainability non-profit.  [click on image]


Your Europe, Your Say

Now more than ever, climate change is on everyone's mind, and young people all around the globe have been taking action to save the planet. 


Gender Summit 2021

During the week of International Women's Day we came together to #RebuildBette, to coincide with International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 and the UN’s Generation Equality campaign.


Rebuild Better

The pandemic has exacerbated deep inequalities and fragilities in the current system that have always been there. We as a community have the opportunity and the responsibility to act now to build a better future. [click on image]


Confinement, one month after

Event language: French [click on image]



Business Partnerships as a Force for Good

Illustration_sans_titre 42.jpg

Good After Covid

Fishbowl Conversations: The Millenial Edition [click on image]


Can Confucius save the world?

"They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom." [click on image]


NYC Alliance Française

Geopolitical Perspectives on Covid-19 by for;er French Embassador Mr. Araud. [click on image]


Data-Driven Company Culture

 Data-driven companies have a better chance at survival in this type of turbulent period, as they know how to collect, trust, and leverage data continuously. [click on image]


BlockChain @ French Tech NYC

How could blockchain technology take us to a new era of investment? [click on image]


NYC 2020

For over 10 years, Business Fights Poverty has been bringing people together in-person in New York during UN General Assembly week.  [click on image]


The Chinese Economy in Coronavirus Pandemic

Cities are being locked down. A hospital is built in ten days. The national holiday is extended. And people are staying at home. [click on image]



IPWS is a volunteer-run platform for dynamic women with diverse professional backgrounds to connect. Through our community and events, we build networks, foster personal growth, and develop professionally. [click on image]


COP 26

Live Illustration from Glasgow : Our last chance for climate


EY - 安永 (Chinese)

安永EY's innovation center wavespace is my part-time home. I focus on Graphic Recording and facilitation. Here are some samples of my work in Mandarin Chinese. [click on image]


Bloomberg CEO Townhall

Breakaways: Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis, Featuring Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever; Richard Edelman, CEO and Founder of Edelman, and Carol Massar, Host of Bloomberg Breakaway and Bloomberg Radio. [click on image]


Border Talks @ NYU

Mobility/immobility, imaginaries of closure or opening, and acts of resistance. [click on image]


Take-Out Trials

A great panel on Chinese food and Amerian's love for it, and their survival through Covid-19 crisis. [click on image]



Captioning is like a therapy.

 It brings in the power of absurdity, incongruity and humor.

When reality goes beyond caption... [click on image]


Gender Summit 2022

What role can business play in driving gender equity?


Where now?

A new year brings with it excitement and hope for what can be achieved – personally and professionally – but as the world still grapples with COVID-19, many of us are left asking: ‘where now?’[click on image]


A Better Post-Covid world

Food for thought and doughnuts for the world with Kate Raworth. [click on image]


China Institute 

Executive Summit

How can U.S. and Chinese businesses navigate the new challenges to achieve success in the face of strained U.S.-China relations and a volatile world? [click on image]


Confinement: From Underwater to Outer Space

As our own confinement here in New York City is coming to an end, now is the time to reflect on this experience with Antonin Baudry and Anousheh Ansari. [click on image]


Crisis Collaboration

Can China and the U.S. save the Global Economy? [click on image]


Has China Won?

The Beyond COVID-19 series presents expert perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on the global order, the restaurant business, and the world economy. [click on image]


Gender Summit

In partnership with CDC Group, The 2X Challenge, UN Women and CARE International, the next Business Fights Poverty Virtual Summit on 3 December will focus on gender. [click on image]

Illustration_sans_titre 24.jpg

Food Made Good

The Food System Vision Prize is a call to a fragmented system of actors to unite, source, and support positive Visions for the future of the global food system.  [click on image]



Rapid shifts in technology have dramatically changed the way people interact and engage with brands. I illustrated some related talks with eloquent live captions. Check it out! [click on image]


Coronavirus @China Institute, NYC

When Fear Goes Viral: Coronavirus and the Human Cost of Stigma. [click on image]


Ayurveda Basics

Learn about the basics of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian traditional medicinal system, and its impact on each type of body and character. [click on image]

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