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"Sophie Ong is a French illustrator who has come to specialize in live illustration. Having undertaken periods of international experience working around the world in France, China and the US, she is increasingly in demand as both a live illustrator and as graphic reporter for events. Her aesthetic styles range from playful comics through to colourful book and album cover illustration through to graphic recording, always with a youthful and energetic style."


"Zovi worked with another team at our Foundation and we were so impressed that we engaged her for our project. We would absolutely recommend her to others!"

"Zovi is capturing the right moments with the right words in her work. It's more than just illustrating an event, but requires her to listen intently, understand the purpose, and identify what's important to capture and bring to life. That's not easy to do." 

"Seeing her work online was wonderful, so you get a sense of what to expect. Additionally, her professionalism put us at ease going into the event."

"Beautiful final product and

great customer service!"

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