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UN Women 

Europe and Central Asia






Day 1 - Opening

"A space to connect, create and accelerate business ideas and growth amid COVID-19"


Day 1 - Workshops

Women entrepreneurs have also been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite support and training programmes, a gap remains in the provision of supportive entrepreneurship conditions and opportunities to accelerate their ideas and ventures to the next level of business growth and beyond local markets.

In direct response to this gap, UN Women organized its first virtual regional Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo. The Expo platform provided a unique opportunity for women entrepreneurs (new, start-ups and established) to connect with national, multinational and global companies, business investors, mentors and other partners, and vice versa.

With interactive and co-creation hubs, experimentation, idea-generation sessions, business-pitching labs, a showcase marketplace of women-owned business ventures, networking, peer-learning opportunities, mentoring support and much more, women entrepreneurs designed, refined and tested prototype business plans.


Day 1 - Panel Discussion

"Everything we see in the world is

the creative work of women."

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk


Day 2 - E-commerce workshops


Day 2 - Networking Inspiration Talks

I was thrilled to live illustrate for @unwomeneca ‘s Women Entrepreneurship Expo!

I love when i’m listening, drawing and feeling in the flow, and also telling myself « woah, this is something i’m actually super glad to be learning about ». #graphicrecording #perksofthejob

It was a challenge because of time zone differences, but the context, the audience, the purpose and the content made it worth it. Glad to be have been part or this, Thanks @unwomeneca for your trust!


Day 2 - Value Chains Workshops

Live Digital Illustration by zovi

Event Hosted by UN Women Europe and Central Asia


Day 3 - Workshops


Day 3 - Mastercard Webinar

UN Women connected hundreds of inspiring women entrepreneurs, from across 12 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with the private sector, investors and business professionals. 

Women entrepreneurs joined us from: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo*, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkey.

A key and unique feature was the Expo Booths, where women entrepreneurs and partners presented their businesses, products and services. 

We visited, inspired and support entrepreneurs in their booths, listened to successful and inspirational women entrepreneurs and heard how the private sector are promoting women's entrepreneurship amid COVID-19.

...And i illustrated it live, from the other side of the world, from another time zone and digitally!


Expo Booths


Day 3 - Closing

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