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Good After Covid




Good After Covid



We’re partnering with the folks at #goodaftercovid19 -- an initiative led by Carlo Giardinetti, Sara Roversi and now over 50 other thought leaders from around the world -- including Paul and Kim Polman-- to build off of their work and cultivate a group of individuals specifically from the Millennial generation. We have a few goals for the conversation:

Live Illustration:

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  1. To amplify the message that Millennial Leadership matters in this moment. The conversation will be livestreamed for a global audience (hopefully with many other millennials and young leaders). We hope this conversation will be a catalyst not only to our own action, but to the action and involvement of many other young people around the world.

  2. To form new connections. Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to truly work at a global scale. We hope that by bringing together folks who are leading the charge in their industries and countries, we can form new connections, amplify the work you all are doing and weave new threads between that work.

  3. To find clarity in next steps. 90 minutes is not a very long time… but our hope is that we can identify a few next steps and actions to move our collective energy towards. We believe that even one or two small steps from a group like this can create a great deal of movement towards imagining and creating a more sustainable, just, better version of our world post covid-19.


Event powered by Good After Covid

Live illustration by Sophie Ong / zovi

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