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Hey there!

I’m zovi, I grew up in France, lived and worked in China for a decade, and am now based in New York City. I’m passionate about visual storytelling.

I love jazz music, swing dance, rock climbing, plein air painting and my cat Balzac (Ballsack for (non-french) friends)

...and reading, making and exploring comics and visual arts!


I am currently working as the Lead Illustrator for the MTA, a.k.a the infamous NYC subway, drawing digital and print illustrations and doing my humble best to make New Yorkers’ rides a bit nicer.

I also just published my first Graphic Novel!

 Click here to buy the hardcover or read it online.

Illustration IG: @zoviism

Graphic recording IG: @zovi_live_illustration

Linkedin: Sophie Ong

Online shop: 

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