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I teamed up with Business Fights Poverty for a week of inspiring and engaging content, live events, and peer networking to explore how we can #rebuildbetter.

For over 10 years they have been bringing people together in-person in New York during UN General Assembly week. This year, Business Fights Poverty NYC will bring us together online, building on the success of Business Fights Poverty Online 2020 held in July.

COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, devastating impacts on the lives, livelihoods and learning of millions of people, particularly the most vulnerable. While efforts have rightly focused on mitigating the immediate impacts, we need to start thinking about efforts to recover and rebuild, because action taken now will have long-lasting effects on people's well-being and resilience.

The pandemic has exacerbated deep inequalities and fragilities in the current system that have always been there. We as a community have the opportunity and the responsibility to act now to build a better future.

Business Fights Poverty NYC Online 2020, co-hosted with AB InBev and Visa, will provide us with the opportunity to collectively set out a vision for what “better” looks like - at the level of society, business and the individual, and spark collaborative action to make this a reality.

Participants will come away with fresh insights and new peer relationships to tackle the most pressing challenges facing business, people and planet.

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