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Timber Men Stomper Jazz Quartet


House of Blues & Jazz -


I got to know the Timber Men Stompers while they were playing at House of Blues and Jazz, on the Shanghai Bund. I was there almost every Sunday, to dance and jam to their old swing tunes. I was really happy to make this album cover piece for friends i'm happy to know and artists whose work i admire!

About the artwork: 

Digital, iPad - Procreate

Printed in France for the Timber Men Stompers, 2019

About the client:

”Timber Men Stompers is a group of French Jazz Swing and Old Style New Orleans, which revisits songs known and unknown from the 1920s to 1950s by singers such as Freddie Taylor, Léo Watson, Steve Washington, Red Allen, Clarence Williams, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, ... Rémy Busquet on Solo guitar and voice in harmony with Arne Wernink on trumpet and voice supported by the double bass by Marc-Olivier Pensuet and the essential raucous voice of Arno Gauchia accompanying on rhythm guitar, based in quartet, but he is possible to listen to them in Quintet or even Sextet. Don't miss the flight to New Orleans!“


Tap to zoom - Illustration by zovi

Tap to zoom - Illustrations by zovi

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