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Shaving in the Dark




Shaving in the Dark 

Comics Collective



I founded an independent comics magazine and collective with some friends in Shanghai. Here is what it's about:


Shaving in the Dark is a Shanghai- based collective of artists (some say "nerds") with a passion for comics and illustration. We like to think of ourselves as a community-driven platform for free expression and indie comics to liberate the cartoons lurking inside all of us. We do monthly Drink & Draw events to gather the horde, as well as art workshops that build skills, and occasionally brand partnerships or lifestyle fairs what-have-you, where we do murals, body painting, portraits, mini drawing classes, comic swaps… whatever we can do to make art more fun and accessible.

Give them a follw on IG: @shavinginthedark

Wechat: shavinginthedark

FB: Shaving in the Dark

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