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IPWS Shanghai


May 31, 2019


IPWS Shanghai


Kathleen’s Waitan, 



IPWS is a volunteer-run platform for dynamic women with diverse professional backgrounds to connect. Through our community and events, we build networks, foster personal growth, and develop professionally.

About the client:

IPWS was founded in 1993 in Shanghai by 13 professional women who wanted to mingle with like-minded women. The group began meeting casually for a coffee each month, and over the following 12 months, thanks to word-of-mouth, IPWS had expanded to 80 members. Since then, the organisation has continued to grow and develop in response to the changing times and evolving role of professional women in China.

In March 2016, the organisation re-branded from EPWS (Expatriate Professional Women’s Society) to IPWS (International Professional Women’s Society) to reflect the society’s evolution to a global community of women with an international outlook.

About the topic: 

IPWS regularly hosts events and i often help them with graphic recording support.

I was there for the IPWS Summit 2019, digitally recording the speakers' sharings about Courage, while they were displayed live on the screens. Here's the result!

Live illustration :

(click to enlarge)

sunny novak.png
fyiona yong.png
image.jpeg (2).jpg

Live illustration by Sophie Ong / zovi

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