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Illustration Workshops

Made-to-measure online classes!

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Broken Pencil

A mini comic for the canadian indie zine reference, about life under lockdown. [click on image]

Pet Portraits

And a Woof Woof here and a Meow Meow there, ​[click on image]


This unique rabbit – created with simple but distinctive black and white lines – is known for his wise thinking and exaggerated body movements. I brought him to life through comics during 2 crucial years. ​[click on image]

Company Portraits -

SOLO Ltd, China

SOLO's team, made of lots young and cheerful professionals, was looking for a special way to represent their unity yet their diversity. ​[click on image]

Album Cover - the Timber Men Stompers @ House of Blues & Jazz, Shanghai

Timber Men Stompers is a group of French Jazz Swing and Old Style New Orleans, which revisits songs known and unknown from the 1920s to 1950s. ​[click on image]

Custom Illustration

Tailor-made, unique paintings, made for unique people and unique occasions! 

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Full Comics

Feeling like taking a trip? You can read some of the full stories i wrote and/or drew here.

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The most updated feed of all my Covidian thoughts. ​[click on image]

Shaving in the Dark

I gathered some friends and founded Shaving in the Dark, a Shanghai- based collective of artists (some say "nerds") with a passion for comics and illustration. ​[click on image]

Mission Sichuan

A personal quest about China in the early 1900 and now, about identity, spirituality and culture. (and denied visas) ​[click on image]

Comic strips and stickers- tripadvisor & Chope, Shanghai Daily

In the Shanghai food universe, Chope is your best guide! Eye-candy stickers and comics for finger-licking good deals, in partnership with tripadvisor and Shanghai Daily. ​[click on image]

Magazine Illustrations - Time Out Family, Shanghai

TimeOut Family got in touch with me to illustrate some of the content inside and on the cover of their printed magazine. ​[click on image]

[more to come soon!]

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