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Food Made Good





Food Made Good



”Successful Food System Visions will be stories of contrast. They will illuminate the difference between food systems as they exist today in specific places and the Vision for the future in the year 2050 “if we get it right” (science, policy, advocacy, behavior, etc.). Visions will unlock inspiration, knowledge, networks, and innovative solutions that have the potential to transform the future course of humanity and the planet. History shows us that systemic change requires shared direction, time, and collective effort. The purpose of the Food System Vision Prize is to light the way for populations across the globe to realize a more promising, nourishing, and healthy future.”


I made this illustration to help Food Made Good visualize the structure and operation of their food system in 2050, in the context of their application to the ideo food system vision prize. Results will be announced at the end of the year.

(scroll to bottom to see image context)

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